Kitakyushu BAGUS: What's NEW
bottonURL changed Apr.4 2010
The URL of this site had been changed. New URL is URL of Mobile-site is
botton2010 Version Jan.1 2010
"Supporter Navi" was modified. J1, J2, JFL category were changed.
bottonGo to J-Division 2 ! Nov.30 2009
Kitakyushu became 4th prize. Council of J-League permit Kitakyushu to proceed to J2 !B
bottonSupporter Navi Dec.21 2008
 Link-page in Japanese has been changed to search engine. It is called "Supporter Navi".
bottonAdd a little Aug.19 2008
 Emperor's cup, New player were added.
bottonAdd English Site Mar.2 2008
 Englishi pages are added. But my english is very poor... sorry...
bottonAdd Mobile Site Jan.3 2008
 Site for Mobile site is added. You can see this site by "i-mode" of NTT-Docomo. May be, you colud watch other mobile phone. BBS(Message-board) is shared with PC and Mobile, you can both write and read this board.
bottonHP Open! Jan.1 2008
 This site "Kitakyushu BAGUS" was opend in 2008. New-wave proceed to JFL in this year. "BAGUS" means wonderful and excellent in Indonesian.
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