Message from Dunga

Sign for Recognizing Official
This site became official site suggesting by M.Goto of La Cantina.
Click Here! We were collenting "the signature" from Nov. to Dec.,1998. About 15,000 people wrote the signature.
We received the message of the thanks from Dunga.

"Though the wealth which associated with material will extinguish someday, but the wealth of friendship will not disapper."
Dunga says, he cannot remain at Jubilo-Iwata as a player but the friendshipbetween he ond us will be eternal. It is very thankfull message.

Click Here! Dunga came to Japan at Aug.,2000. We received message from Dunga.
"Friendship goes on even if a distance is away".
He give us "The Monthly Word" at December, 2001.
Click Here to see it.
Dec., 2003, We receive Christmas Message from him.

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