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  • Design Modfied (Feb.21,2010)
    Design of top-page was modified. 2010 World Cup ver.

  • Supporter Navi (Dec.21,2008)
    Link-page in Japanese has been changed to Search-engine. It is called "Supporter Navi"

  • World Cup Qualifier (Jun.20, 2008)
    Page about 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa is added.

  • Copa America : Championship (Jul.15, 2007)
    Dunga-Brazil got the championship at Copa America 2007. Great!!

  • Access Counter changed (Feb.18,2007)
    Access counter was change. It is like a uniform of Brazil national team., isn't it?

  • Add results page (Feb.12,2007)
    Added a page of Dunga Brazil National Team. Click "Game Result" on the top-page.

  • Became a head coach of BRAZIL NATIONAL TEAM (Jul.25,2006)
    Dunga became a head-coach of Brazil National Team of Football.

  • BBS has changed (Oct.8,2002)
    BBS has changed to Icon-BBS. It is using as a message-board of Kansai-Jubilist.

  • Monthly Dunga Word (Dec.4,2001)
    The page of "Monthly Dunga Word" was added. Introducing his philosophy monthly.

  • HP moved (Oct.31,2001)
    Home-page has been moved. The new URL is http://www.jubi-net.com/dunga/eng.htm. Please change your bookmark and link.

  • Icon-Chat opend, Open-Cafe closed (Oct.1,2000)
    Open-Cafe (Chat-room) was closed by the reason of the server management company.
    Icon-Chat was opend for the substitution.

  • DUNGA-HP became Official site! (Aug.26,2000)
    This site and Jubilo-Kingdom are recognized as an official site by Dunga himself

  • Added Pictures (Feb.18,2000)
    Ana's Dunga-page was closed. But she gave me some pictures.

  • BBS moved! (Nov.7,1999)
    BBS (message board) has moved again. Please write your message about Jubilo, Japan-representative and more.

  • Open-Cafe Returned ! (Oct.6,1999)
    Open-Cafe(Chat-room) was returned. The tenmorarily chat-room will be closed.

  • The second Chat-Room is started(temporarily). (Oct.1,1999)
    The tentative employment of the Open-Cafe(Chat-Room) was finished. Therefore, Chat-room is closed now. This 2nd-room is temporary. It is still undecided though it will be restored after October 5.

  • Link Exchange (Jun.29,1999)
    Exchanged link with official Fan Club Site of DUNGA of Brazil and Ana's un-official page. If you know other DUNGA site, please let me know.

  • La Cantina (Jun.1,1999)
    The page of "La Cantina" is added. Which is named by DUNGA.

  • Open! Dunga home-page! (May.23,1999)
    This Home-page was opend at May,1998.

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