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Cereson Cereson
  • Publication:Apr.1998
  • Publish:NHK Publishing
  • Price:1600 Yen(not include TAX)
  • Cereson that is Brazil Representative team. Feeling and experiecce of himself through a Brazil representative tiam. And experience story of world cup.
    There is a his story come to Japan also.
    Strong passion to the football, Cereson, and world cup. And a proposal to Japanese football.
Requirement of a Winner. Requirement of a Winner.
  • Publication:Nov.1998
  • Publish:KEIZAIKAI
  • Price:1600 Yen(not include TAX)
  • To the "VICTORY", what his done, what to do. Experience as a "Captain" and "Leader" of Brazil representative(Cereson). What is PROFESSIONAL?!
    Experience at 1998 French World Cup is also.

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