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This pages are maintaining by Tadashi TAKASHIMA and Kansai-Jubilist(Unofficial supporter group of Jubilo iwata). This site was recognized as an official home-page by DUNGA himself. This page doesn't have any relations with other groups and the individual.
You cannnot use the contents of this page without notice.

  • About Message-board(BBS), Open-Cage(CHAT).
      BBS and CHAT are being shared with Kansa-Jubilist and Nanami-HP. When you write to BBS (or CHAT), you should keep following agreement.
    • You must write your name(even a handle name is acceptable) and E-mail address.
    • Try not to write a postal address, individual information such as a telephone number.
    • Do not write slandered, threatened, a libel, the infringement of the privacy, and the infringement of the copyright.
    • Don't disclose the copy of the information which exists in other homepages without permission.
      (*)About the remark which money giving (or receiving) is involved.
    • The act of doing giving (or receiving) of the ticket is prohibited on the BBS of our home page.
    • Such as...
      "Does anyone go together because a ticket is left?" and
      "If you want to purchase a ticket, please write it on BBS."

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      When made a link, set a link to Top-page(http://footballs.jp/dunga/eng.htm).

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    Kitakyushu BAGUSGiravanz Kitakyushu : Kitakyushu BAGUS

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